Unique Otto

Here at C & S we believe that everyone’s dreams can made a reality. Unique Otto is no different, they are doing things differently with their core plan and we should too.

They offer more than just a car steam; they have plans to introduce all kinds of automotive mobilized services. From oil changes to car maintenance and yes even car detailing. We wanted them to have a leg up on the emerging mobile car wash market that is taking flight in Florida, so we had to customize the online experience that fit their clientele.

“We needed a fast, reliable, solution to handle online appointment setting, C&S delivered perfectly!”

From custom calendar design to login and register forms. Unique Otto wanted a sleek modern look with a logical backend that was every bit of a CMS, just without the cookie cutter feel Wordpress gives you these days. Using various technologies, we managed to create a custom site that feels like a CMS but allows much more than that.

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