Helping Schiller University find a better path

Schiller University remained at a cross roads, they had a new Meteor.js site shaped to replace an aged Wordpress install but lost everything when the site disappeared one evening during a routine backup. They panicked, though who wouldn't right? They called everyone they could but to no luck found that the only replacement was an aging repo that wasn't updated regularly (more on that in a different post). That’s when they reached out to Code and Script to come up with a fast replacement that mimicked the current one.

We told them they should have never went away from Wordpress. Even though here at Code and Script we prefer to use ProcessWire, we also know that being fast and accurate is the way to go. Schiller has about 330 pages full of content that interlinked.

In just over a month we were able to code new templates using the current design mock ups. Then import a non-relational database that stored the bulk of those 330 pages, some user information and the blog they had created.

“Code and Script came through in a pinch, helping us get back to caring about our students”

Once we combed through the data and what was left of the Meteor.js, we started to rebuild it in a better way. Removing unwanted styles, JavaScript and anything else we could see no use for. Replacing the old site with a fresh, fast and responsive CMS the client could use to update over and over again.

Now they are off and running with a full customized website with a content managment system in place to stay up to date. Come see the Code and Script difference today!

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