Giving a Non-profit Space to Grow

Let Me Live Foundation started with one person, Scott, who had an idea to help others like himself. See Scott's father passed away from Cancer and he was deeply moved by this tragic life event. Thats were the idea came from, help others that need the basics while fighting Cancer. Sounds like an easy way to give back to the community Scott loved so much.

Here at Code and Script we take pride in giving back as well. Thats why we decided to give back to Scott and his cause, helping Scott realized the true reach and impact he can have on other families that are plagued by Cancer.

With a little help from his family we were able to get the ideas together and create a website that reflected his vision for the non-profit. We spend hours upon hours talking with him and his company to make sure we git it right the first time.

“To be able to give back in this way really helps, making the lives of others easier is the goal.”

Come see how Code and Script can make your dreams a reality!

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